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We Are Dying Gods Box (while supplies last!)

1 review

Releases August 29, 2023

This is a box of goodies available WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. It will contain:

✨ A signed copy of the hardback book

✨ A copy of the ebook

✨ A full-color map

✨ A bookmark

✨ Exclusive preorder artwork (2)

✨ A 4oz "Baby Shader" candle

When you pray to the goddess, do not ask her for mercy.

From the ruins of Freya's temple, a new era of gods have risen. Carrying the power of those who came before them, they're tasked with doing what their predecessors could not — protecting the realm from the time beings who want to see it destroyed. It's an impossible task that leaves them with no room for failure.


But when their greatest enemy offers to become their ally, offering up Freya's darkest secrets in exchange for their trust, Brandi begins to question who it is they should be protecting the realm from — the time beings or the gods?


Weighed down with more questions than answers, Brandi chooses the path of greatest destruction. She'll lead the rebellion against the queendom, have Sarah bid for the throne, and escort Adam Bertanal to the gods herself. And anyone who defies her will learn what it means to face the true wrath of a god.

Things to know about this book:

🤎 New Adult (21+ characters)

🤎 Epic Fantasy (original myths and lore)

👀 Comes with a map

🤎 Assassins being assassins (murder)

🤎 Spice level of bacon 🥓 (no sex on the page)

✌🏾 The second book of a series


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Customer Reviews

Shelia A.

Verified Buyer

8 months ago

We Are Dying Gods

Beginning very riveting. Not completely finished.